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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Smiling Flowers...

           The flowers in my garden caught me by surprise, today morning.It was a lazy Sundy morning, as usual I walked towards my little garden,with half closed eyes droopliy  and I was all eyes when I saw the lovely  flowers  smiling to me  and could feel the fragrant kisses blown for me as morning wishes.

           The jasmines were happily nodding to the mild morning wind , spreading their enchanting fragrance, as if they try showing me how lovely they bloomed in an overnight.

          Amazing isn`t it?...and those lovely moonbeams in the garden and crossanandras waving too, to convey "we too...we too". I couldn`t stop smiling.
         I just love these smiling flowers talking to me and could just forget this world and immerse myself in the lovely world of flowers by staring at them with  love. I love to take a deep breath of positive energy from their intoxicating aroma blown for me.

        Thankyou little buddies...Thanks a ton for making me happy every moment I see you or think of you. Lots of happy blooms for you dear flowers......

Friday, December 19, 2014

I am Yours` Forever!!!

You are always with me …. I have million reasons to see you in me…   

I met you and started to forget everything …what`s desire and what`s passion.

I finally  got showered in the real happiness,just as the prayers got answered. 

I met you and those sad shades started detanning and got washed away in the shower of happiness.

I started to blush,which is a real new feeling again.

Every season is changing so happily ,and the only the lord knows my feelings.

I started to forget what`s so soothing  and what`s peace of mind.

All these are just the result of those answered questions.

The tender feelings were killed so badly….but the new life is taking a turn…

I met you and started flowering with happiness again.

You tried to explain me and Yes I understood….Now…..That we can`t live in each other`s absence.

The fears of punished love and scars of sadness started layering off,with your smiling words.

“You said I am your dream,I am your love and I am everywhere for you.
This world is me and that world is me…I am every thing to you and I am on the mind always to  love and live with….”

Are you true….I never felt so emotional…Come on!!Now at least YOU don`t cheat me after saying such cherishing words….Don`t hurt me please…I can`t take it anymore from anyone..I am over it… You are a my happy wish come true…

Now that I started dreaming, We will live in a beautiful house,and live together with many incarnations of our love.Let`s dream together now…let`s laugh together now…

After that you said many such lovely  things …you really made me bloom again….

I think I am in LIFE….for the first time again……..

Thank you for your strong love!!

Hope to see you soon again……my dear…

Please don`t call me with heavy heart..…Let`s wait for each other.. Please give me time dear..

Nobody knew what I was going through….Nobody knew the pain I still carry  now….

Only lord knows…

A magic started in our lives,let`s enjoy the flying colors of happiness.

Yes,its a dream.. But soon coming true …may be in the soon next chapter of life…

Keep wishing and lord always have an ear to our prayers.

Such a lovely feeling,can at least live on this for few days….

It`s been a saga of life on this earth now Since before I felt so happy in the hands of my life donors and again now because of you.

Sorry for hurting you by being so unaccepting all the way….May be till the  next chapter of life,we will wait for each other…

You were true…we will definitely meet in every life of ours.

Million ways this world hurt me and make me feel alone…..I know you are always here for me…
always here for me..

In my every word and every thought and every microsecond of life….You are there…yes here with me and in me…

First time I opened myself to someone after a being so much to myself and that someone took over it…making me so week physically and mentally…

I never open up again in any life…Now that you know me ….I know you definitely cure my pain.

I know you are with me all the time.Sorry for hurting you my tender love and unconditional love.

You come to me as a good notes of music,as a good dream as a good feeling and good thoughts ….I know you are here with me….

Million ways this world force me to stay away from you by hurting you and me….I know you are with me being me.

Dear!hold my hands,I am afraid of everything.Don`t let me go this time.

Dear hold me tight,I am afraid of every harsh thing in life.Don`t let any cruelty touch me from miles.

Dear talk to me ,I am afraid to talk….I got hurt bleeding inner and outer so badly.

I know I am all alone in the world….Sorry for making you cry by not accepting you, may be your tears of pain cursed me….Thanks for loving me so madly…Thanks for making me feel the strong parental unconditional love…. again in your hands….

   Thank you  for  helping me live,
with tears………………
Yours`  Forever,

Lovely Universe...

Walking in the woods…

The best ever things which give us everlasting positive energy and happiness are often overlooked by us.

The blissful freshness you experience when the early sun rays bless you,spreading from the wide sky.

It`s quite difficult to express the wonderful feel of warm colors from those lovely golden rays tinkling us saying…hey let`s wind up from the work….hey see ya tomorrow.

The best goodnight you ever get is from the bright moon, crescent to  full style.The cool feather touch of moonlight makes you shine as bright as a pearl.Moon loves to play hide and seek with you…..

Did you ever try watching constantly those lovely little star clusters and innocent stars trying to talk to you and fill the sky in your eyes with twinkling dreams,common code your eyes make us come true!!!

No one can share you so in depth like a sea.The way the waves carry your msg to the deep sea and brings back the message to you from the deep sea kingdom.

Isn`t it so wonderful that there is always some one with you all the way..that`s the way the universe designed by the creator always responding to your feelings and thoughts.
We just need to experience the response from the universe…sometimes feelings and so sometimes in action.

Can you ever forget till the last breath,the happy blissful shower of rain drops wetting you with loads of happiness.Can you ever forget those childhood plays in the rain with the friends.

Can you ever forget those wonderful rain drops drenching you in your tender youth…
Like a naughty friend teasing you making you wet in your nice dress and fading your eye shades….and laughing by uncontrollably falling and rolling on the ground making typical droplet sounds. LOL :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Let`s relax….the professional style!! :)

The friendly way to relax is nothing but just spending with the best buddies.

A simple tea party,a quite walk on the beach,a long conversation on many topics and happenings in life,movie-time ……..many ways to kill that silly,unattended stress in our lives.

I personally enjoy my time with the besties hanging around in a shopping mall,coffee shop etc.,
Having a good companion is the utmost important thing in the process of de-stressing ourselves or our buddies.

I strongly believe that loneliness is not pertained to being alone.Perceptions do change and I always perceive it as a lonely mind wandering and crying for harsh things happened in life,this state of mind  sounds like a loneliness.

If we dig deep on this topic, we can concretely conclude that while we are alone we can even  do better things too,like practicing our hobbies,working or rather thinking.But,when we are prone to loneliness of thoughts,the emptiness we feel around and also thoughts wander unattended or sometimes consider things more closely than required.This should lead to the stress and uncalm all those sleeping sad nodes in the heart which in turn  spread the painful vibes to the mind too.

Loneliness pertains purely  to the mind`s status.For instance,you may be in a big group around you and sometimes you  still feel lonely…you couldn`t find the right companion may be….And in some cases you still quite alone on the beautiful beach side and still feel complete….no loneliness nearby…So it`s just our status of mind.

Let`s try to spend our time as much as possible with our loved one`s,chit chat,enjoy the good books,different thoughts etc.,

Have a great time !!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Traveling!!

The journey starts...
Here you are if you love traveling….Yes! traveling to new places or in thoughts!!…..

     Yes… we all love traveling in our lives.Some travel physically and some mentally…. Yeah..Isn`t it true? that people really love exploring new places and enjoy the stuff equally and yes some love traveling in their thoughts.

Most of us really does two things…..haha may be at the same time!!!There are many such funny strikes where we found ourselves missing the train of thoughts and ending up in wondering…WHAT……Where am I? stuffs….

        Let`s talk about physical traveling….rather easy to talk…;)

I love traveling to different good places,But our constrain sometimes could be a need of good companion…with minimum expected quality of enjoying the place and exploring with good equal energies….and off course who can really catch the glimpse of happy things around and enjoy talking the same.For me someone like my mother, I really enjoy and explore places with her.She is the goddess of my life….who just makes my wish come true with her sweet smile and unconditional love. And also I love to travel with my best buddies….You know,we can really freak out with the best ones`.

But,fortunately if you have a friendly,think-a-like and happy-going,cool soul mate….then you are the most luckiest being who's is happy-go-lucky ,like having that secret magic wand with you. ;)

One day, I definitely want  to go to Maldives.You can encounter the topic of this island in my different article too.

I just wanna be there with my best,lovely mom,dad and with my best buddies.

I really enjoy the livelihood in one of the Asia`s wonderful islands.I feel like the curvy waves talking to me and bringing me a message with every wave…I feel like the waves are the messengers between me and my secret angel`s kingdom from the sea.

I enjoy the beautiful emerald beaches around which are known for their  mesmerizing happy colors tickling the happy nooks and corners of mind, every time I see them.The beautiful clean sand makes me feel the warmness tinkling my feet friendly.

One day I want to wear that beautifully made real coral jewelry.I always fantasized about coral islands since my childhood.This is the way the universe replied to my wish,by landing me in this group of coral islands.

I will be more on the “must see and explore” places in the world  in the coming topics….

See you all!!


Woman Mind Vs Man Mind

      MIND  Vs  MIND 

I had a question squeezing my mind and heart since I got married. 
What concepts do matter for living a content life?Let`s try listing out a few…
Beloved ones` staying around,perfect career with good package,happy married life,happy children,health,good friends,nice community,good habits…..what else?

If everything is good in life, life will surely be awesome.But what if someone has some spoilt item in the above list of good things in their life?How to deal with it….especially the unhappy marriage?……finally got to the point ;).

I think that`s unsolvable when you are in a dilemma of how to handle it. In such case,it`s quiet miserable to live together and quite difficult too,to quit the loop, assuming some social reasons.But, may be this is for women…How do men think about it?

What do men think about marriage?How do they analyze things?Are they really as emotional as women? or what ?and many more WH questions triggering the mind.
While wandering in thoughts on this concept,I encountered a nice and quick video about 
Men and Women`s thinking style on the same concept ….or rather How do female and male brains think or react?…bla bla bla

So,for now enjoy this video….This video cleared some basic confusions in life….. ;)

Hope you all like it….….lot of laughs!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Dreams and Interpretation

Dreams have always been unanswered questions to many of us. I had asked my elders and had read some books on interpreting the dreams,I have pretty satisfied on spot with the theory.But,I just wanna dig deep on this and tried to know the exact reason why dreams play a vital role in our lives.I felt Dreams are Dreams ,yeas not real!! But,what should one interpret from the dreams.
I never strongly believed that dreams are suggestive or rather prompting something about our future,present or past endeavors . 

But,yes I felt really happy when I had positive dreams about spirituality,freedom and innocent kids,equally innocent elders.But later in my life I got to know what dreams trying to suggest me. I am still not sure of what the dreams are suggestive about,but I tried interpreting dreams.

Once after I started thinking and analyzing my dreams and co-relating them with my past,future and daily life - thoughts,emotions,feelings. May be unknowingly,I started to analyzing the dreams and did a valuable research on them.

Since,my childhood I see some dreams the same often and such dreams are so deeply routed in my mind.I can analyze the dreams a little now and interpret to the situations and mentally balance my deeds and actions.

Here are some personal interpretations of some of my infinite dreams so far… :)

 We don`t have to be so calculative about the dreams.But in the whole day schedule,these interpretations may help us to be in safe mode.

Some  instances, 

Dream : Lions or Tigers.
Interpretation: If I dream of lions or tigers running behind me and I am trying to escape from it.
I analyzed it as,  some unknown insecurities hunting me to become a prey to the upcoming obstacles and minor/major dangers.
Results: Some sudden unknown disturbances in daily life relating to past or present.
How to React: Taking it as a suggestion we can prepare ourselves not exactly wait for the disturbances,but just be aware of the things we do.Just take a little more effort in executing tasks.

Dream: Snakes 
Interpretation: I never really had any too scary dream of snakes so far.But,I often see a big Idol of 5 or more  headed  idol of snake.Before which I simply stand or staring at it.

Results: I dreamt about hooded snake biting on my arma,but I never really had any bad circumstances in this case.

Once I dreamt about a huge snake with many hoods raised and trying to give me shelter under its amazing raised hoods.

Sometimes I dreamt about some snakes pondering here and there in my house.I felt that it resulted to some minor disturbances or misunderstandings between the siblings.

How to React: Infact I never got scared or disturbed with the snakes in my dreams. Not sure of the reason…why? 
I disturb a lot about lions,tigers,Oxes.

Dream: Flying in the sky.
Interpretation: I often get this dream where in I free-fly in the sky and land in beautiful fields and cities.I always have control on my flying and never ever had experienced scary unmanaged flying in the sky. 
Results: Feel calm and really enjoy stretching and lightening the mind to relaxation.
How to react : Just feel happy about flying.Because,it resembles to freedom in the life.
I see the scary water bodies,islands and sometimes animals.I get disturbed and scared in the dream of landing in the wrong place,but never it happened so far…Me glad of it!!

Standing before Star Cluster.
Dream: Sky and Stars.
Interpretation: Since my childhood ,I  often see myself in the sky quiet ahead from my house, and in the I am facing towards the twinkling star cluster .I always love to see the stars in dream or in real.But,this should be one of my favorite dreams….:)
Results: I still couldn`t interpret what does this dream meant to suggest or resemble for me. 
How to React: I just feel over whelmed with  the stars being very near to me. And the florescent glow of those awesome illuminating group of stars.

Dream: Dream House1

Interpretation: This is also one of the dreams I see from my childhood. It`s a beautiful white house entrance with shelter for parking and beautiful lantern beside the entrance with a cute letter box and some beautiful yellow and different colored flowers randomly carpeting the land and some dried leaves here and there with some cute birds voices.I often see myself in mid-thirties with some handsome and Mr.nice guy types husband. I believed it should be my dream husband.;).

I really feel so happy at the scene of that house and person too. ;);)

Results: Just feel awesome , ruminating the sight of the house and ;).I recently, after so many years saw a beach house resembling it a little and I couldn`t stop myself shedding the tears of happiness and stunned to the trueness of my dream.

How to React:  I feel so confident,secured  being with the man beside me.One day I want be in the beautiful dream house …hopefully in or before my mid-thirties….;)

Dream : Dream House2

Interpretation:  I often see a house in the middle of the land/ground, where the  beautiful tiny green grass blanketing the ground all around the house till the distance my eyes could catch. The house is built on a wooden high stage, and draped me in traditional dress standing in the balcony ,drinking coffee/tea watching the beautiful scenery .Someone(may be my dream husband …here too!!) from inside comes and stands just a step behind to my side and enjoys the coffee/tea and  also gets mesmerized to the beautiful scenery and talks to me about our kids and life.
How to React:Whenever I see this dream,I feel so happy and shed the tears of the happiness to see my dream come true.I can never forget the beautiful cool weather with greenery around.I love to see my dream come true very soon.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Identify the perfect love!!

Just thinking about the unconditional love we enjoy all the life from our lovely parents.

We are accustomed to their true love and hence very rarely (unless you are super lucky) we find people whom we can trust their words of “I love you” sorts.

But once in a lifetime when we are in our tender feelings or rather fantasies….we of course, meet someone who really love us for no strong reason…but just for their perceptions about us. 

Thanks for those lovely beings who truly loved us and perceived us as lovely too.
But that's the time, when we are not really eligible to decide about  the lucky charm of the life,`cause of our innocent age or ignorant in identifying the trueness.

But when we find someone later in the life,when  that innocence gets covered up with reasonless attraction or selfishness ,and its purely bad luck for some …huh!!and hence this choice of relation troubles us and wildly suffers us  for their misperceptions(good or bad) `bout us.

But yes how can we come out of this!! 
One thing for sure …. you need to be strong to face this or come out of this.

Dream Place!!

One of my dream places to visit,is the beautiful star-studded beaches.

It was always my dream to talk to stars and play with them.May be it was my childhood fantasy ,still deep routed in my thoughts, whispering magically “Yes!! your dream will come true.”
Though you can`t reach the stars …..they will come for you one day!! 
I wish you the best of all the chances to reach that place soon where they are eagerly waiting for you,calling you eagerly….with resonating -whispers waving on the shore!!

Dear we are here!!….you are not alone!! You are not suppressed by anyone`s own purposes nor the universe can submerge you in the flow of karma!!

Waiting for you!!….As in the sky we are here for you all the time but seen only in the darkness. We are here for you in the darkness of your life.We are here to sparkle-up your fading the happiest aura.

Please come to us…take the glitters back.We have been biding for you since long.And now we can`t wait to see you soon. 

You got many deep scars on your soul and heart,my dear…Don`t hide those painful scars on your heart and soul by smiling around and just living.

Let`s cure your heart for the lifetime….now!!…yes right now!!

         We came for you and just for you, all the way from the infinite spread skies…. Our Love waiting for you since long time,dear!!

Come on come to us….Have the great and happy life as you always wished to have!!!

Awaiting for you since long,
                                                                              Yours` Forever,
                                                                                Stars of hope!!


Poetic thoughts on "Lost Love!!!"

           A poet`s words on….. "When True Love cries for not accepting it !!!!……"!!

My love ….oh my love…please come back to me.

I am sorry I din`t understand you when you cried and said… loved me truly.
May be I am now punished for,not accepting your love.
My life….Oh my life please come to me again and say You love me.
Want pure and  everliving  love....My Lord!!
Those were the days when I was overwhelmed with the love,sparkling around me.
 I din`t know it was all your happy and positive vibes  for me.
My dear ones….oh my dear ones …please excuse me for not identifying you.
Now it seems to be,life is at the stake…..don`t know why! but I am seriously all alone with some negative around. 
My happy angels….oh my lovely angels help my soul to brighten up again.
Just wanna run away…I wanna go back to happy those days with you all.
Now I am trying to shut my eyes tight and dream about the love you have shown for me.
But cannot see your image as my  sad tears fill in my eyes….and makes your image so blurred.
My real friend…oh my true love ….sorry to miss you for this life.It`s a curse…Yes!!! 
It`s a curse for having chosen wrong options  in the life`s flow chart.
Why this happened to me……Why me!!!!!!!!!
My great lord….oh my kind almighty!! Please save me from this haunting past karma.
Sorry my love oh my true love….for taking you for granted.
You don`t know my dear…how much I miss you now.
I suffered my life-donors very sad too.I am guilty…I am sorry …oh my life-donors.
Oh true love,If I would have accepted you.
I  would have made my life-donors happy forever.
Life Donors 
I know I am in danger…..and want to close my eyes forever,
My soul…oh my broken soul…give me one more chance to make you up.
Oh, the hope!… the most needed one …yeah there`s all possible reasons got  to mention  for loosing you,so bluntly.
Yes it was my blunder for not accepting that true love!!
My heart…oh my heart…please stop crying saying “I don`t like being like this!!”.
But my dear heart…please you bear the pain for the society,
You can`t and you could never hurt your life-donors anymore.
Promise me my soul!!…Promise me my heart!! ….Promise me my dear mind!!
That you all bear this life silently …. for my life-donors,
Yes we will dear…Yes we will dear ...

Life is so so damn disgusting. I am almost exhausted in my life.

`coz I can`t bear the wildness around me…I know I have to live for my life-donors.

oh true love …Oh lovely beings….sorry,I badly hurt you all by staying calm and not accepting.

`coz this society is very harsh that may hurt you badly.
and I suddenly heard the echo sounding…..

Yes we will for our life-donors!!

Happy Couples Day!!

“Happy Couples” Day!!

Yeah!!It`s November 22nd ,  it`s a special day for the most of the couples.There are many campaigns and discounts offered at many shopping places,restaurants and movie theaters.Just to encourage the couples to empathize and help each other,and to stay together forever happily

   Does n`t it sound interesting. I hope all the couples in this world enjoy their married life like  happy picnic.No sufferings,no forcing,no arrogance,no isolation,no harassment,no violence,no hurting at all.

So friends let us all enjoy the happy couples day. Let`s Thank God for making the best couples all over the world.

What do the women in the world had to say about living happily with the most unsuitable person on this earth?

Is it a challenge haunting  for the lifetime or just a don`t care concept you need to follow all the time.

Having a healthy married life is too difficult for a human being. :)

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